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Before the post, if you have time, I posted a poll about commentary related stuff. If you have the time to check it out I'd appreciate it.

Now onto the Sims. We have a wedding AND FIRE! And me still trying to figure out where the hell Jarrett Dualla came from.

Kacey teaches Zandra to walk. They're adorable pseudo-sisters.

Adama men bonding. I've been spending way too much time trying to fix up the relationships to be what they should be.

Kara hasn't finished a painting in FOREVER. I need to get that fixed... and um... ARMS. LOOK AT THOSE ARMS. What is wrong with me? 

Gaeta in a labcoat with a baby. How cute is that. Now that Jarrett knows how to talk he likes to talk Gaeta's ear off. They're chatting away right now. I'm convinced that what happened with Jarrett is like what happened with Rachel's conception in Glee. Two gay dads, mixed their sperm, don't know who the biodad actually is and Dee had the baby. (um what?) I dunno... I needed an explanation for myself. Though if we're going by genetics he looks more like Gaeta than Hoshi.

Or maybe he's a clone. A male clone of Dee.

Hoshi, who got a job in medicine, went to hang out in the library after work in his scrubs and holy crap that's a lot of cylons. And he's just sitting there reading.

They have a pet fish now. [Bad username or site: lls_mutant" @ livejournal.com] This is for you. The goldfish is named Narcho.

And so Helo was walking around in town... and I found him talking to Sweet Eight (who is in her swimsuit for no good reason... then again Eights like being naked, we've discovered, so it's not too out of the norm.) At least it isn't Boomer... not that he'd know the difference.

Meanwhile back at the Agathon house...

Hello hideous maternity clothes. Um... Sims 3.... your vomit graphics are WAY TOO ACCURATE. I did not need to see the actual sim vomit going into the toilet!

So Hera's evil... but she's not bad

She did snag Kacey as a girlfriend... though I'm not sure what that means... guys... you're too messed up for words.

And Helo gets the news.


And gratuitous Agathon smoochies.

Over at the Cylon house D'Anna and Cavil look like they are either going to bitch fight or check each other out. By the way D'Anna Pwned him and Cavil walked around being humiliated for a few hours.

At [livejournal.com profile] ariastar's request I decided to have Leoben go speak madness at River. She freaked out of course, but then again... she freaks out at everything. (Why is she in athletic clothes?!) 

The best thing? The little bubble at the top:
River thinks Leoben is being Sociable.

Throw Wash and Leoben's clothes in a closet... even they will have a hard time figuring out whose is whose. I swear. It looks like Mal is being frustrated with Jayne in the background.

Chief paid a visit to the Adamas today. LOOK AT THAT APOLLO HOLDING A BABY. Look at it.

Poor Pilot Parents. They're suffering from being cooped up in the house too much, "stircrazy" showed up as a moodlet. Kara ran off to go to the pool and left Lee alone with the kid, and sure enough, he got the stircrazy moodlet too.

Um yes... Zandra is definitely Kara's daughter. Look at the way she glares. Bitch get me out of this crib.

High time I actually got Kara and Helo to actually be Best Friends, she went over. Hi preggo Sharon. :)

Helo, Lee, Kara, and Kacey all went out to a nice dinner. Hi Kara in a blue dress *drool* And hello Lee and your red shirt of impending presidency.

Roslin babysat Zandra and um... is also beautiful holding a baby.

Kacey stayed out late... (and seriously? She was doing homework outside the restaurant) when she got busted by the cops for being out at night.

I think airlocking is a bit too extreme a punishment for breaking curfew. A bit.

I hear wedding bells. Sharon was the first guest to arrive at Kaylee and Chief's wedding. I couldn't invite everyone I wanted there were too many. Sharon is looking even more pregnant than before.

And Kara and her blue dress. I'm pretty sure I didn't invite Dee but she's there anyways.


This post was lacking in pilots. :( I'll fix that eventually. In other news THUNDERSTORM! I LOVE IT! I need to shower but if there's thunder and lightning out there I'm not gonna risk it.

P.S. yet again... commentary poll... post before this. Stroke my ego?


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