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Some new neighbors move in and cause some havoc. We have a new baby in the mix and possibly one on the way, also Dee, Hoshi, and Gaeta fail at responsible parenting. Also... bitch fights... lots and lots of bitchfights.

Have some gratuitous pilot smoochies for starters.

Gaius, Jayne, and someone I do not know or care about... someone mentioned in a comment on OotB that those two are like matter and anti-matter. Yet they both go to weddings in their atheltic clothes. Gaius... wtf man.

Kacey went on over to Hera's house to get to know her parents better. Sharon and Kacey seem to get along pretty well. Considering I think Sharon would be rather intense about whoever was dating her daughter.

Of course, Kacey not's always that bright. She brought Zandra over and.. left her outside? And she's crying and Hera is looking devious.

AND THERE SHE GOES AGAIN WITH THE CANDY THEFT. Hera alone will traumatize poor Zandra.

Oh by the way. Take a look at that... Sharon's not pregnant anymore because...

Anson Agathon was born! (Anson? WTF game. I wouldn't have given the kid that name. Serves me right for not being there when he was born)

Anyways... Sharon looks vaguely irritated that Helo is feeding him and changing his diaper and not her. Honey calm down, most women would lay death threats on their husbands to get them to do that. Go take a chill pill.

Gratuitious child-holding because it's just that cute.

Well they're finally best friends. Phew. And he went over to go hang with Kara for a while.

And after Hera stole the candy, Zandra sat outside crying and crying until Helo left the Adama house and came running to get her.

Helo also dropped by the Dualla house to show off his beautiful baby boy to Gaeta and Hoshi.

Sharon is very much not welcome in the cylon house. At all.

Meanwhile, as bad a sister as Kacey was leaving Zandra outside... HERA TOOK ANSON TO A GRAVEYARD. AFTER DARK.

Okay, okay. Get this. Hera and her evil? One of her wishes that I prompty got rid of WAS TO SEE KACEY'S GHOST. Um... does necrophilia come with the evil?

Needless to say... teen out after dark? Hera got busted by the cops.

And look who has moved in to cause some trouble... it's Kat and Faith.

Faith drops by the Adamas, and in the back we can see Sharon berating Hera for being out after dark.

Faith does not like screaming babies.

Not quite as walking in on Kara praying... but pretty damned close.. she barged in on her paiting (a still life of Kacey and Zandra actually)

And as you can imagine they made fast enemies... I think Kara won this fight.

Hugging Adama Men

I popped over at the Tigh's and went wait... there are three blondes... wtf is going on here? And then I realized D'Anna was over.

Caprica and Gaius being flirty while... Ellen... stands... there...

And when Liam goes over to see Kacey... Faith is there... um what?

PS I don't have a screenshot... Kacey is two timing Hera with Liam.

Seems to be some kind of party at the bistro... I see that Hoshi and Leoben are sitting together... Chief is there in his work clothes... (he's in politics *Shrug*) Gaeta is sort of standing there and Dee is still in the dress she wore to the wedding... WHO IS AT HOME WITH JARRETT!?! You guys, come on! Kat looks really tired in the background there.

I sent Kara down to the gym and found like... the entire Firefly crew. Simon must be in his work clothes because he looks like Doctor Horrible. Remember I downloaded these guys, I didn't make them... so WTF to Zoe and Book's workout clothes... okay I did make Book... but I... um... didn't pay attention to his athletic wear...

Kara training Jayne at the gym. He looks terrified of her.

River is being all graceful

Simon and River in the park... and in the same park...


Jayne is hungry.

Well Kaylee wandered off somewhere... I found her in a warehouse reading a pregnancy book and being nauseous... well I guess Chief is in for a surprise. And meanwhile who comes into the warehouse? Gaius and Caprica... Gaius looks angry.

Gaeta, Hoshi, and it took me forever to realize that was Dee in uniform  back there. WTF you three are bad parents. Stop leaving Jarret around!

Kara and Lee being all schmoopy before they have to go to work. Aww he's thinking about her and she's talking about stars.

They had to leave Zandra alone with a babysitter for a while... she apparently likes playing with her feet. She does it... alot.

She also likes beating her teddy bear up. Yup. She's Kara's kid.

Kara playing with Zandra and the teddybear.

Two speeches for world peace... no waiting. Lee and Laura tag team.

Lee dancing... awkwardly.

(WARNING DISHONEST GAMEPLAY ON MY PART. I  used cheats to manipulate relationship levels)

What Lee doesn't know won't hurt him

Um... yeah... when I'm looking at that I can't bring myself to feel bad.

Until Kat comes home and finds them in bed together.

Kat slaps Kara for sleeping with Faith

It's on.

And Kara is triumphant!

And now Kara's all "I gotta go to work because I am sexier in a uniform than you."

And because Faith is just that manipulative... (or I am with my cheats) om nom nom.

And Kara is back with Lee and Lee is none the wiser for what happened.

Kara painting a picture of a half-naked Lee... I kid you not.

Meanwhile... Helo and Faith get into a fight. Hera's reaction is interesting.

And she just walks away. Good job caring about your father, Hera!

and Faith gets her ass handed to her.

She and Hera actually get along until she finds out Hera is artistic and Faith hates art. Then they sort of hate each other.

Faith goes home and complains to Kat about Helo.

Then there are makeouts.


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