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[livejournal.com profile] taragel reminded me I haven't updated in a while, so here we go!

I finally figured out the video guys! SO I HAVE SOME AWESOME VID. Including Gaius talking to himself and freaking out.

First up on the vid list... gratuitous Pilot!Smoochies, because... heh... you know I'm totally all over that. PART ONE!

And Part TWO!

Yes... yes... when Sims have sex ("Woohoo" as the game calls it) little hearts appear all over the bed.

And Gaius talking to himself/having a freak out.

Adama and Roslin dancing. It looks like something else is about to happen but no, they are dancing.

Kacey and Zandra, I think this may be the last photo of Zandra before she ages up.

It seems like the Tighs always have company. Last time it was D'Anna, this time it's Book with his godawful workout clothes! And shoes! UGH! I wonder if he followed Ellen home, she was hitting on him the other day.

And Caprica with a telescope exploring the galaxy. She found a planet and I got to name it. I named it Tauron because naming it Caprica seemed a little silly since she found it... and... well it was literally the first one that popped into my head.

Dee is very mechanical, she can tinker with things and she's upgrading the oven to be self-cleaning... by hitting it with a hammer.


Please to go run and scream in the other direction now.

BARBEQUE AT THE TIGH HOUSE! :D Sharon and Gaius are NOT getting along. Now... see this? This is Gaius in formal wear (not the formal wear I made for him, WTF.) and he manages to wear it to a BARBEQUE. But not a WEDDING. *HEADWALL*

Chief being all awesome and flipping a wrench. IDEK. Oh! But funny note! Because Kaylee initiated the wedding, Chief is now in the game as Galen Frye. It's SO WEIRD. But I like it.

And Lee's in the background there. I don't know what the trophy is about but he might just be thinking "I win at life." Maybe.

And then there's... shit tons of blonde women. Hello, D'Anna, Kara, and Sonja.

Bill and Laura couldn't make it to the party. They had to stay home and babysit Zandra. Helo also stayed home to watch out for Anson.

Kacey, Hera, and Liam messing around with the sprinker. Kacey's still a bit on the heavy side, Liam on the other hand appears to be ripped.

Tigh, Chief, Kara, Lee, and (I think that's) Felix sitting hidden there, sitting around the firepit, roasting marshmallows. While the teens continue to play in the sprinkler.

Caprica has the most cooking prowess in the house.

Gratuitious Helo Holding Children With A Sleeveless Shirt. Because it's beautiful. And check out Anson guys! Horrible name but beautiful kid! :D Looks just like both his mommy and his daddy. I love the genetics in the game.


Anson was crying in the night and I went to wake up Sharon but by the time she got there, Hera had gotten up and changed Anson's dirty diaper and put him back to bed with a kiss. *wibble* Yay! Good big sister Hera!

Check out who's growing up. Here's Zandra Thrace. :D Again with the genetics, beautiful and looks like her parents (she's got her mommy's eyes... and many other traits.) One of her traits is virtuoso! She's too young to start playing instruments yet, but look at that she loves music! (Dreilide would've loved to meet this granddaughter). I totally couldn't help myself with her outfit. And I didn't pick that hair for her, the game did, and I like it. I dunno... it makes her look a little bit angsty... and yeah... she's Kara and Lee's child after all... (plus she ended up with the trait Over-emotional as well)
I think Zandra just might be my favorite thing to happen in this game.

Grandpapadama! :D

And... Ellen lurking in the background. Bill's quit his job and is now working at home as an author. It's awesome.

More ways you can tell just who Zandra is the child of. :D (Although, dumb move, she scrapped one of Kara's paintings to do this. Bad Zandra.)

And her creation. It now hangs on the wall in Kara and Lee's room. Because they are proud pilot parents. :D

Check out the Adama reading genetics there.

Zandra and Lee playing catch before school. :)

Laura reading one of Bill's books.

Remember what I said about the little hearts on the bed? Reading is foreplay it seems.

Kara and Helo took a trip to the gym and lookie who they found. Faith and Kat... Kat seems to be hungry. Why the frak is everyone HUNGRY ALL THE TIME!?!

Look who else aged up. Jarrett... I think he was cuter as a toddler... he's not the most adorable kid. :( I'm still with lls_mutant on Booze + Bridge Bunnies = Threesome = Jarrett. Though I'm becoming more and more convinced Gaeta is the biodad. He looks more like Felix than Louis.

See my point performed live and in color. Don't forget to tip your waitress on the way out.

WOW. WOW. I guess I miss Geek by Night because that was totally a Gwen line (From "Just A Question of Sam-Antics" if I recall... right before Gibson's hideous line about Elliott not having seen Gwen's "Chewy".... X.X WORST EUPHEMISM FOR FEMALE ANATOMY EVER. WOOKIES AND PRIVATE PARTS DO NOT MIX!!!!!!!!!!). :( Ohhhh GbN... How I miss thee and want "Elliott Markowitz's Day Off" to come out RFN! I got to be particularly neurotic in that episode! And then the Rain Hard and Rain Harder two parter... in which I get to imitate Nathan Lane.


So Kaylee was reading that pregnancy book last time...

And the game gave me a BEAUTIFUL NAME! Nothing Hideous like Anson or (good gods, from [livejournal.com profile] nai_is_not 's game IRFAN) Everybody. This is Adriana Frye. :D
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