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Hello Yuletide writer! Thank you in advance, though I'm pretty sure that as I write this you haven't been assigned yet, but you will be and then you will read this so hi and thank you! :D

General things I like... banter. I love good banter. I love angst and schmoop in equal amounts.

Lip Service

Well, anything Frankie really. I adore her. (Though I have to admit, most of the reason why I love her is that she feels like Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica reincarnated as a Scottish lesbian and there is no greater amount of win in the world.) I'm really fond of her huge identity crisis, and her relationship (Former? rekindling?) to Cat, so anything related to these things is loved and wonderful. I'm not so much a fan of Tess... her antics sort of make me cringe, nor am I really a fan of Sam. And also, since it is the holiday season, a holiday theme might be nice here.

Changing gears entirely... the one thing I deeply want in a Caprica fic is Clarice/Amanda dealing with the weeks that Amanda was recovering in the cabin with Clarice, preferably with a little bit of a darker twist. I in no way see Amanda/Clarice as a healthy relationship but I ship the hell out of it! Alternately anything about Sam Adama and Larry and their issues with his job/wanting to have kids but not being in a good situation to do so... SAM ADAMA. He is my woobie face.

Anna Wu the Spy. Please? Pretty please? Anyways, I OT3 the hell out of Sarah/Chuck/Casey. Casey's man-love for Chuck is a huge thing for me... I'm so bad at describing requests. I love Sarah/Chuck too. I'm actually good with anything here. Bryce is good as well. I am definitely of the mind that everyone on Chuck is in love with Chuck. EVERYONE. Except Ellie and Awesome of course.. but I sorta picture the cast swarming him Axe commercial style... heh... that could be some fun crack.

Anyways, I hope anything I said was at all helpful! <3 <3 <3
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