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I often find that I cannot have conversations with fanboys. I don't know why but their conversations tend towards bizarre nitpicking of the writing. Now I find that fangirls are critical too, but in different ways. I don't know, I'm not explaining it well.

Anyways, I spent this weekend mother's helping for a family with an autistic boy, but their son would have moments where he decided he was just done with human beings and would zone out with an iPad for an hour or so. So, I ended up having a lot of conversations with his father who used to be a science fiction editor and had written an episode of Deep Space 9.

One of the things we talked about is "Where BSG went wrong". Don't worry. This is not a discussion of that. Because gods only know how long we could go on about that one. No. I brought up my point that New Caprica was highly rushed and severely underutilized as a plot arc. BSG functioned so well as a show when it dealt with the legitimate issues of the end of the world, so why didn't it deal with the legitimate issues of settling on a brand new planet or the cylon invasion of the planet. One point he brought up was, when the cylons showed up, why didn't the humans scatter? It's not like they didn't have an entire planet to utilize. Or you know, a band around the equator where it was habitable.

Now here's where you come in. Let's prove that we are smarter and more thoughtful than the BSG writers (as you guys pretty much do on a regular basis) and come up with the unanswered questions that could have and should have been explored with a longer arc. Bonus cookies for anyone who writes a drabble or a fic based on the prompt.

They're on a new planet, with new vegetation, and presumably some kind of insect life at least to assist in the reproduction of that plant life. We also saw a swampy area on the planet where Athena met up with the resistance. Bugs carry disease. Why didn't se wee the actual biological impact of the humans meeting up with a virus they had never encountered before?

Now it's your turn. Thinky thoughts. GO!
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