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So we got two new households moving in. One I've been planning since the start. I don't think I'm actually going to do much with them, but seeing as poor Kaylee and Chief haven't had a lot going on lately, I figured I'd move the rest of the Serenity crew in next door. (I didn't make these sims, I was in a rush so I got a premade set from the Exchange. I DID however make the Book and Inara ones because the set did not have Book and their Inara was...scary.) And now we also have HOUSE FULL O' CYLONS... moved in practically in the Adama's backyard. (No Dualla updates this time.)

Plus I figured out the cheats to set career at whatever you want for each character. *snerk* Almost all the military career options are air force. *glee* 

Teaser pic! Leoben pays a visit to the Adama house... note... Kara and Kacey can be seen through the window....
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So soon? Yes! 

I moved everyone into bigger/nicer houses. Especially in light of Jarrett Dualla, Kara's pregnancy, and I do want to get Helo and Sharon to have another baby. (I've totally not paid attention to the Tigh-Baltar house for a while.)

I figured out how to turn aging off but not before Kacey, Hera, and Liam all aged up to teenagers... this is an experience. Liam... is kind of an anti-social loser. In a really big way. They all got more personality traits as they aged up. Kacey developed "inappropriate." I swear, she really is a traumatized girl. I'm not unconvinced that she is what would become of Kacey. Hera developed... I think overly excitable or something like that... and I don't remember what Liam got... but he's still a little weirdo. I tried SO HARD to get him to become friends with Hera and Kacey... I even wanted him to develop a romantic interest in one of them... well... you know what they say about well laid plans...

Our teens. (Sharon's probably wondering why the hell Hera is going out of the house dressed like that.)

Under the cut... Hera's evil manifests, a new addition to the Adama family, and Jarrett has a mommy and two daddies )

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You asked for updates. I deliver updates.

I have a few more toddler shots of Hera and Liam here, but all the kids have aged up to child now, and started developing personality traits on their own. For some reason Kacey only has two. "Absent minded" and "Easily impressed". Liam has three "Loner" "Athletic" and... "Loser" *falls over laughing* He's such a pathetic little kid. I need to get him socializing with Kacey and Hera more. Oh! Oh! Hera's personality traits. I'm pretty sure I gave her "Genius" and "Artistic" when she was a toddler. But when she aged up? She developed the trait EVIL. I always knew Hera was a little creeper.

I'm still not used to the open neighborhood. I mean I got used to people wandering by at all hours. But then I got some... strange surprises over at the Dee, Gaeta, Hoshi household... Gaius also got fired from his job when I wasn't looking.

Helo teaching Hera to walk. Meanwhile Sharon is sleeping right on through it...

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I've been thinking on this for a little while, beyond the character relationship mapping which I talked about in my Battlestar Slayer post, where I mapped everyone from Buffy and BSG onto each other. I became really fond of all my choices for that looking back. I'm including a brief review of that in this post because I feel like I need to. But I decided to write down the character similarities between Buffy and Kara, as well as some Faith stuff because... well... now I'm wondering what it would be like if we locked Faith and Kara in a room together... o_o

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I seriously just played The Sims 3 for about... 6 hours. X.x Good job, me.

I need to get back to writing but I'm just... stuck. I have ideas... but I'm still just stuck. And I'm sad. I'd like to be writing fic but I just... can't right now. It's awful.

So what do I do? I set up a bunch of OotB related sims. I loved messing around with the clothes, but unfortunately hair choices are pretty limited. Sadly, I couldn't put everyone in the same household, so I currently have everyone set up in 4 households in the same area (and the good thing about the open neighboorhood is that they can actually go visit each other), not including Kaylee and Chief who have a house of their own in another part of the town.

But my favorite thing to happen so far today? First night, a burglar (named Sammy... by the computer, not me) broke into the Adama house... and woke everyone up (except Laura who just... snoozed through the whole ordeal.) And Adama came downstairs in his robe and got in a fight with the burglar and had his ass handed to him. Then right after that, Kara (in just her undies) beat the robber to the pulp while Lee called the cops. The burglar got away before the cops showed up. I don't know why but this entertained me to no end.

Screencaps underneath the cut... )

Aaaand I have my first day of training at work today... this coupled with my writing anxiety? Not making for a happy tulip...

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So I spent some time today poking around Twisting the Hellmouth... because I should be having a life and I totally don't. I came across one fic that rewrote the miniseries with characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. The story itself was really not well written, but I thought it was really enjoyable to see their picks for matching up characters and coming up with callsigns for people in the Buffyverse. (I have been thinking alot about certain similarities between Kara and Buffy... which led to an Adama and Giles comparisson and then... well I'm glad I had this to help me figure out my feelings on the matchup.)

I have a little chart under the cut of the character pairings and my thoughts on them.

Buffy *Phoenix* Summers- Death is her Gift )

Alright... Cylon time. I know there are a few people reading me who don't know all the cylons so under another cut we go!


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So I was going to watch some Star Trek TOS to prepare for the movie tonight, but after one episode what I realized was that I was craving more old school BSG and so I have a new, shiny commentary on Episode 3. Snarkiness, Adama Shoulder Holds, and horrible, horrible slash goggles ensue.
So we last left off on the casino planet with the tylium mine... )
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Okay, I know it sounds dumb, but I've always thought having a wedding ceremony on the Maine coast would be like... the coolest thing ever, ever since I was a kid. And since I found out I like women more than I like men I was pretty sure that wasn't going to happen... and now I actually have the chance to get married in Maine no matter who I end up marrying.

Heh... well... I'd settle for dating someone right now. A single date? At all.

In short. Yay Maine! California what the hell are you doing?
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So... I have this shiny psychology paper I need to be writing... and I took some notes on the studies I was looking at... and jotted them down all nice and neat in my notebook... and then I looked at the page before it and saw the scenes and character dynamics I wanted to work on for the sequel/continuation to Out of the Black.

Guess which set of notes was longer.


Note number one, ditch Serenity's retcon of River's backstory.
Note number two, figure out something else to do with Miranda.
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