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I seriously just played The Sims 3 for about... 6 hours. X.x Good job, me.

I need to get back to writing but I'm just... stuck. I have ideas... but I'm still just stuck. And I'm sad. I'd like to be writing fic but I just... can't right now. It's awful.

So what do I do? I set up a bunch of OotB related sims. I loved messing around with the clothes, but unfortunately hair choices are pretty limited. Sadly, I couldn't put everyone in the same household, so I currently have everyone set up in 4 households in the same area (and the good thing about the open neighboorhood is that they can actually go visit each other), not including Kaylee and Chief who have a house of their own in another part of the town.

But my favorite thing to happen so far today? First night, a burglar (named Sammy... by the computer, not me) broke into the Adama house... and woke everyone up (except Laura who just... snoozed through the whole ordeal.) And Adama came downstairs in his robe and got in a fight with the burglar and had his ass handed to him. Then right after that, Kara (in just her undies) beat the robber to the pulp while Lee called the cops. The burglar got away before the cops showed up. I don't know why but this entertained me to no end.

Screencaps underneath the cut... )

Aaaand I have my first day of training at work today... this coupled with my writing anxiety? Not making for a happy tulip...

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So... I have this shiny psychology paper I need to be writing... and I took some notes on the studies I was looking at... and jotted them down all nice and neat in my notebook... and then I looked at the page before it and saw the scenes and character dynamics I wanted to work on for the sequel/continuation to Out of the Black.

Guess which set of notes was longer.


Note number one, ditch Serenity's retcon of River's backstory.
Note number two, figure out something else to do with Miranda.


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