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I've been thinking on this for a little while, beyond the character relationship mapping which I talked about in my Battlestar Slayer post, where I mapped everyone from Buffy and BSG onto each other. I became really fond of all my choices for that looking back. I'm including a brief review of that in this post because I feel like I need to. But I decided to write down the character similarities between Buffy and Kara, as well as some Faith stuff because... well... now I'm wondering what it would be like if we locked Faith and Kara in a room together... o_o

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So I spent some time today poking around Twisting the Hellmouth... because I should be having a life and I totally don't. I came across one fic that rewrote the miniseries with characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. The story itself was really not well written, but I thought it was really enjoyable to see their picks for matching up characters and coming up with callsigns for people in the Buffyverse. (I have been thinking alot about certain similarities between Kara and Buffy... which led to an Adama and Giles comparisson and then... well I'm glad I had this to help me figure out my feelings on the matchup.)

I have a little chart under the cut of the character pairings and my thoughts on them.

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Alright... Cylon time. I know there are a few people reading me who don't know all the cylons so under another cut we go!


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